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The Mexican miracle Spanish : Milagro mexicano is a term used to refer to the country's inward-looking development strategy that produced sustained economic growth. Beginning roughly in the s, the Mexican government would begin to roll out the economic plan that they would call "the Mexican miracle," [3] which would spark an economic boom beginning in spanning some 15 years and would last until In Mexicothe Spanish economic term used is "Desarrollo estabilizador" [4] or "Stabilizing Development.

An important factor helping sustained growth in the period — was the reduction of political turmoil, particularly around national elections, with the creation of a single, dominant party.

Madero in One scholar has called the inaugural date of this law "the birthday of the Institutional Revolution," since it was the inception of import substitution industrialization. Mexico supplied labor to the U. It received cash payments for its material contributions, which meant that following the war the Mexican treasury had robust reserves.

Although a participant in the war, like the U.

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However, with the resources available following the war, Mexico embarked on big infrastructure projects. With increased revenues coming from the war effort, the government was now in a position to distribute material benefits from the Revolution more widely; he used funds to subsidize food imports that especially affected urban workers.

Workers in Mexico received higher salaries during the war, but there was a lack of consumer goods to purchase, so that workers had both personal savings and pent up demand for goods. Growth was sustained by the government's increasing commitment to primary education for the general population from the late s through the s.

The enrollment rates of the country's youth increased threefold during this period; [10] consequently when this generation was employed by the s their economic output was more productive. Mexico also made investments in higher education that created a generation of scientists, social scientists, and engineers, who enabled Mexican industrial innovation. In northern Mexico, the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Educationknown in Mexico as the Tec de Monterrey was founded by northern industrialists inwith the programs designed by a former faculty member of the IPN and modeled after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The government raised import controls on consumer goods but relaxed them on capital goods such as machinery for Mexican production of consumer goodswhich it purchased with international reserves accumulated during the war. The government spent it heavily on infrastructure, including major dam projects to produce hydroelectric power, supply drinking water to cities and irrigation water to agriculture, and control flooding.

The economic stability of the country, high credit rating allowing borrowing, an increasingly educated work force, and savings allowing purchase of consumer goods were excellent conditions for the government's program of import substitution industrialization.

Finished goods previously purchased abroad could be produced domestically with the purchase of machinery. One successful industry was textile production. Foreign transnational companies established branches in Mexico, such as Coca-ColaPepsi-Colaand Sears Mexico under Mexican laws regulating foreign investment.

InFord Motor Company was too established and began manufacturing vehicles in the country.

With a growing middle class consumer market for such expensive consumer goods, the industrial base of Mexico expanded to meet the demand. The government fostered the development of consumer goods industries directed toward domestic markets by imposing high protective tariffs and other barriers to imports.

The share of imports subject to licensing requirements rose from 28 percent in to an average of more than 60 percent during the s and about 70 percent in the s. Industry accounted for 22 percent of total output in24 percent inand 29 percent in We aim to provide consumers with helpful, in-depth information about nutrition and weight-loss products. All product names, logos and brands are property of their respective owners.

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The Surprising Role Mexico Played in World War II

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The incident was given prominent coverage in La Jornada, a popular, moderately leftist Mexico City daily. The reports of a skirmish were greeted with some skepticism in Mexico, but Gen.

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Throughout the s, the U. The real problem was not Mexican officials but the U. In November Big business has the insurance of financial stability and access to foreign capital. The middle class is happy because he has given them unbounded access to U. Inthe U. See sidebar. It was no secret in Mexico that the peso would have to fall. Mexican economists issued similar warnings; even street vendors and panhandlers in Mexico City were happy to tell foreign observers of the August elections that the currency was in trouble.

But U. Goldman, Sachs was the No. Its former co-chair, Robert Rubin, was named secretary of the U. Treasury in December—just as U. Although Mexico is virtually a one-party state, Mexicans have better access to alternative news than do most people in the U. Two of the most popular mass-circulation publications, the daily La Jornada and the weekly Procesocombine responsible reporting with non-sectarian, left-of-center analysis.

mexican miracle

Decent reporting is also available from two dailies, Reforma and El Financierowith a more conservative bent. Yet within days, the insurgents or their supporters had signed on to the Internet and used its collection of electronic bulletin boards to broadcast the rebel manifestos around the world. The Mexican government may be trying to close down this alternative.

Another important Internet source, Jorge Santiago Santiago. Alternative news through Internet is causing concerns in the U. David L. But the plan fell apart as political turmoil in Mexico and high interest rates in the U.It was at best unfair and failed to give credit to a Government, outstanding executives, a patient people, and the demonstrated ability of a new Administration to face problems, plan and take actions that clearly averted a major crisis.

The Mexican Administration's management of a major country on the brink of financial disaster and resulting stabilization and positive recovery program is considered a model and offers an approach other similarly troubled countries can use. In summary, Mexico is our neighbor that is working its way out of crisis in a manner offering benefits to all concerned. In the international environment and the necessary interrelationships of nations that exist today, it is necessary to take a positive contributory approach whether considering opportunity or evaluating a risk.

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mexican miracle

Home Page World U.In other words, they increased public spending and financed the spending with debt. The effect was many violent devaluations of the peso, from The ETF Authority -- In times of economic, political and market uncertainty like we face today, individual investors need professional guidance more than ever.

More importantly, they need advice from a reputable information source that they can trust. With the ETF Authority you get all that plus a track record of profitable investment research to grow your investments during all market environments. This was about the time our father in law and his brothers closed the doors on what had been — before all the government mischief — a successful photography and art studio in Mexico City.

Shortly after they moved their families to Los Angeles …to an economy that appreciated their exceptional talents. And it was a good thing they had the resources to leave when they did, because then things got worse.

mexican miracle

In oil prices crashed on the international market just as interest rates spiked. And then the government really made a mess of things. Any hope for a quick return to economic progress vanished. But ten years later it looked like Mexico had finally turned a corner. After years of economic malaise, it appeared Mexico was primed for an economic boom. The world took note and foreign investment flooded into the country inflating the value of the peso.

And like any good government…they spent their bonanza — and then they spent some more. By the end of Mexico was running a deficit that was 7-percent of GDP and foreign investors had seen enough. They dumped their holdings and the peso crashed in spectacular fashion. In the space of one week the peso fell percent against the dollar. Why All This Talk of Mexico. So why all this talk of Mexico? First, because there may be something instructive we can learn from it.It is known for its unusual helix -shaped spiral staircase the "Miraculous Stair".

The Sisters of Loretto credited St. Joseph with its construction. It has been the subject of legendand the circumstances surrounding its construction and its builder were considered miraculous by the Sisters of Loretto. The chapel was commissioned by the Sisters of Loretto for their girls' school, Loretto Academy, in Francis Cathedral project, and suggested that the Sisters could make use of their services on the side to build a much-needed chapel for the academy.

The chapel was built from locally quarried sandstone and took five years to complete, being officially consecrated in Loretto Chapel was used on a daily basis by the students and nuns of Loretto Academy until the school closed in Afterwards, it became a privately owned museum and wedding venue, while the rest of the Academy campus was demolished.

Loretto Chapel is best known for its "miraculous" spiral staircasewhich rises 20 feet 6. The staircase is built mostly out of wood and is held together by wooden pegs and glue rather than nails or other hardware. The inner stringer consists of seven wooden segments joined together with glue, while the longer outer stringer has nine segments. The exact wood used to build the staircase is unknown, although it has been confirmed to be a type of spruceprobably non-native to New Mexico.

The handrails were added later, in The staircase does not actually stand by itself: Joe Nickell identified as supports the inner wood stringer as well as an iron bracket attached to a column.

Apart from any claims of its miraculous nature, the staircase has been described as a remarkable feat of woodworking. According to a Washington Post column by Tim Carter:. To create a staircase like this using modern tools would be a feat. It's mind-boggling to think about constructing such a marvel with crude hand tools, no electricity and minimal resources.

According to another professional carpenter, who was interviewed by Ben Radford for his book Mysterious New Mexico :.After working 13 hours in a plant in Reynosa, Mexico, Sonia Rodriguez trudges through ankle-deep mud as she enters her ramshackle neighborhood in pitch darkness. She grimaces at what passes for a street and says, "This thing-what's it called, free trade?

I'd work less overtime and I could come home in daylight. It's a modest desire perhaps, but for Mexico and its reform-minded President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, this thing called free trade carries enormous implications. If an agreement is worked out with the United States, Mexicans hope U.

mexican miracle

For the United States, the Bush administration says that by eliminating trade barriers U. These grand visions undoubtedly contain some elements of hype page 45yet the proposed free-trade agreement FTA has worried organized labor and many environmentalists. They have contended that Mexico's low wages-and looser enforcement of environmental regulations will lure U.

And while some U.

The Mexican Miracle: Characteristics, Benefits and Weaknesses

At issue is a vote on a process called fast track, which allows the president to negotiate trade treaties and present them to Congress for a straight yes-or-no vote only.

This process will be renewed on June 1 unless either house of Congress rejects the extension. A trade pact with Mexico, which could take anywhere from six months to more than a year to negotiate, would be doomed without the fast-track procedure.

Last week House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt endorsed the fast-track process, virtually ensuring its passage. In this country the most ardent supporters live in the South. Here are two reports from the trade front, one from the Mexican cities of Tijuana and Monterrey, the other from San Antonio, Texas:. Doing business with Americans won't be new to Tijuana's Raul Avila.

Five mornings a week, Avila drives from his middle-class neighborhood overlooking the Pacific to Mattel Inc's Mabamex plant, where in peak seasons nearly 2, workers turn out Barbie-doll houses and Disney teething rings. The year-old director of industrial relations has worked for Americans for half his life, in border towns from Ciudad Juarez to Mexicali and Tijuana. Like many members of Tijuana's burgeoning middle class, he has long ignored the Mexican protectionism that free trade would soften.

A free-trade zone of sorts already exists along the U. Since the mids U. The system has produced a boom of U.

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